Saffron Institute is located in Saffron Square Faridabad, Haryana next to the SARAI METRO STATION on VIOLET LINE and FIRST STATION OF FARIDABAD FROM DELHI BORDER. The campus has been designed in consultation with our international partners and to their standards.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Lecture And Seminar Hall

Well ventilated and spacious Lecture halls with state-of-the-art teaching equipments undoubtedly foster an educational atmosphere. The Seminar Halls are also fully equipped with the latest audio – visual technology to promote interactive learning enabling the students to discuss in groups and project their ideas & opinions through presentations. The Seminar Halls can also be used for other relevant activities like conferences, guest lectures, webinars.

Kitchen Lab, Beauty Lab And English Lab

Video Annotation is the process of making video clips recognizable for Model Learning/ AI Models. We have the most experience in training computer vision models to identify objects. But labeling and tagging video clips frame by frame can be difficult, which is why you need us. We provide precise video & data annotations by using advanced tools for a hassle-free and delightful customer experience.

IT Infrastructure

The Institute has modern Computer Lab equipped with adequate number of computer workstation, printers, scanners and internet connection.


The Institute has a fully stacked Library with separate Reading and Reference sections. The library further has access to many on line repositories apart from the various books, magazines and periodicals on the relevant disciplines being taught by the Institute.

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